If God Exist then why is all this Happening?

This has become one of the debatable questions over the years now. The question rather should be, where are all these coming from? This will help us appreciate the fact that God truly exist. And the fact that we do not really see him in action as we may expect does not mean he doesn’t exist. Some even go to the length by saying, if he exist, then he must be a “wicked God”. Far from this, God truly exist and he is definitely not a “wicked God”

God’s intent for man is perfect even till this day. Ecclesiastes 9:27. The problem here is that we fail to ask God to direct us and to make his plans know to us. God is not and will never be responsible for our predicament. It’s man’s disobedience that has led him into his unpleasant circumstances. James 1:13.

The day Adam and Eve chose to eat of the tree which they were told not to eat, they ended up designing their own destinies and choosing their own path of destruction. Genesis 3:11. Right from then man fell from the dimension of God to the dimension of dust and this has been the origin of man’s calamities. However, God did not sit back unconcerned. He worked out a salvation plan for man’s restoration back unto himself. The Love of God brought Jesus Christ (John 3:16)who by himself was God; who came down to this earth to reconcile the world back unto himself. (2 Corinthians 5:18). This reveals the extent to which God loved man. After a perfect man(Adam) fell, it took another perfect man(Jesus) to once again lift man back to his original position.

For as many as are led by the Spirit of God, these are sons of God. Romans 8:14.

You can equally be a child of God, only if you decide to be led by his Spirit. It will take those who will be led by the Spirit of God to receive dominion over every challenge. Take it from me, it is not God’s desire to see his children suffer for nothing. God may allow certain things to happen but definitely not for our destruction but for our perfection. He knows best and will surely deliver us from all. Psalms 34:19

The Bible says; With smooth¬†words¬†[of flattery and praise] he will turn to godlessness those who [are willing to] disregard the [Mosaic] covenant, but the people who [are spiritually mature and] know their God will display strength and take action [to resist]. Daniel 11:32. It will take those who know God to contact strength against the wiles of the devil and the storms of life and then do great and mightier things through the power of God. Is unfortunate that we turn to trust our abilities, certificates and other things rather than God. And when the storms rages, we end up blaming God for our mess. How well do you know God? God is ready to receive you into his dimension of power and authority. All you need to do is to allow God come into your life and make him your personal lord and Savior. Accept you are a sinner, confess your sins and commit your life into his hands and you are there already. God loves you and can’t wait to receive you. You mean a lot to him. His hands are widely open to receive you into his arms. Take this step today and be glad you did.

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